A day trip – that’s a well spent day; such a short, well organized, inexpensive recreative and educational trip will be to everyone’s liking.

1984 in the Bunker (Back to the USSR)
A 3,000 m2 bunker in the outskirts of Vilnius 5 meters bellow ground, The Bunker: a survival show where USSR revives… ‘1984’ – the twentieth century anti-utopia, a book written by George Orwell while Stalin was still in power. He envisioned what life would be like in a future totalitarian society in the far-off year of 1984, the times of the Big Brother watching you at all times.

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Europos Parkas (Open air Museum of the Centre of Europe)
EUROPOS PARKAS, Open-Air Museum of the Centre of Europe, was founded in 1991 by Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas (b. 1968). The aim of the Museum is to give an artistic significance to the geographical centre (as determined by the French National Geographical Institute in 1989) of the European continent and to present great examples of Lithuanian and international modern and contemporary art.

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