The rhythm that most modern people live by nowadays is fast and complex. So it isn’t unusual at all to sometimes fancy running away from everyday routine and resting from all the problems.

SPA procedures in comfortable environment will help You forget Your problems, enjoy Yourself, regain lost energy and pet Your body as well as soul.

“TOPTURAS” collaborates with all the main hotels, sanatoriums and restaurants of Lithuania and can offer You services of experienced consultant who will help You get the track of services and recreational institutions best fitting Your needs.
For a quote on your Spa break, call +370 2 12 65 23 or email us to discuss your requirements.
Lithuania Spa Breaks

Vilnius, the beautiful baroque capital of Lithuania is a perfect place to enjoy a city and spa break and we have an excellent spa hotel based just outside of the city.

The spa town of Druskininkai is 2 hours south-west of Vilnius, near the Belarus and Polish border.

The whole town is a sanatorium and until recently was a place only to visit if you were ill and needed to recuperate, however in the last few years Druskininkai itself has enjoyed something of a revival! Beautiful hotels have opened, that offer luxurious accommodation along with wonderful spa treatments.

Palanga Spa Breaks

During the summer Palanga is a lively and fun beach town, during the winter Palagna is much quieter and the atmosphere is very different, it's perfect for a cosy and refreshing spa break. You can enjoy bracing walks along the beautiful Baltic coast, followed by wonderful treatments in very luxurious surroundings.