Active Holidays

Topturas is offering a whole lot of activities for those of You who prefer active holidays. If You and Your friends can’t sit still in one place, these activities will be just for You.

We are offering services of highest quality that will allow full use of Your physical and intellectual capabilities. We are organizing integrated, complex cognitive-adventurous trips, trainings and exercises any time of the year. During these trips you will have opportunity to observe wild nature without disturbing it. Trainings are conducted by professional lecturers and trips are led by experienced guides, so that Your safety is not your concern.

Contact us and we will provide You and Your Guests with a decent leisure. Excursions outdoors, yacht sailing, hot air balloon rides, parachute jumps, bicycle trips. We can also arrange meetings with artists and craftsmen.


Active recreation:


  • Horseback riding
  • Rides on hot air balloon, Para glider, acrobatic plane, glider, parachute drops
  • Canoe, float, yacht, boat sailing
  • Skiing
  • Carting, quad bike, jeep riding
  • Paintball matches, archery, shooting-range
  • Kite surfing, yachting
  • Water parks
  • Old cars riding
Swamp Adventures
Swamp tourism is a very untraditional and fun way to spend a day with your friends. We invite you to the exotic swamps of Trakai where you and your friends will be passing through muddy rivers, dirty lakes and nasty swamps with a laugh.

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Aqua Parks
Only a year ago two different aqua parks have opened their doors in Lithuania.

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Dream In Air Balloon
If a person would ever try to fly with an air balloon, he would never forget the excitement for his entire life.

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Kite & Wind Surfing
Kite surfing – is a new type of extreme water sports that gets more popular everyday. It’s an activity that unites many types of sports such as: surfing, water skiing, wind surfing, paragliding and even snowboarding.

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Respite On The Water
The tour operator “Topturas” offers a huge variety of different, well equipped ships that can contain 10 to 300 people.

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Bear Foot Challenge
In the year 2005 a new adventure park LOKĖS PĖDA (A BEAR FOOT) was established at the picturesque valley of the Lokys spring (Lokėneliai village, Jonava region) for the lovers of active leisure and wild nature.

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Mission "PaintBall"
Paintball is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs shot from a compressed-gas-powered paintball gun.

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