Bear Foot Challenge

In the year 2005 a new adventure park LOKĖS PĖDA (A BEAR FOOT) was established at the picturesque valley of the Lokys spring (Lokėneliai village, Jonava region) for the lovers of active leisure and wild nature. It is 6 tracks of different complexity safely installed in trees at the height of 2,5–15 m and 3 fly zips that offer ultimate excitement for the adrenaline seekers. Visitors are challenged to pass 60 obstacles that one can find in remote exotic tours only: Monkey bridges, moving logs, Tibetan bridges, nettings, swings, Nepalese bridges, stirrups, pirate ladders, Tarzan leap, Tyrolese fly, etc. It’s not an ordinary attraction – it’s a true experience! Individual discoveries excite the rabbit-souls at a try. LOKĖS PĖDA examines your physical powers, courage and endurance, it trains self responsibility and concentration, makes defeat inner fear and to try the taste of conquest. Are you ready for a new challenge?