Discover Lithuania - Day Trips to Trakai, Vilnius, Europos parkas

A day trip – that’s a well spent day; such a short, well organized, inexpensive recreative and educational trip will be to everyone’s liking.

Tour Starts from Cathedral square near belfry, in car parking place.

Times and prices:

Discover Vilnius - Tour starts at 11 am, 2pm (all year round). Duration 2h. Minimum 3 persons. Tour price - 20 € / 70 LT per person.

Discover Trakai - Tour starts at 10 am (all year round). Duration 4h. Minimum 3 persons. Tour price - 28 € / 95 LT per person.

Discover Europos parkas - Tour starts at 10 am (all year round). Duration 3h. Minimum 3 persons. Tour price - 28 € / 95 LT per person.

Tour starts then the composition of the group minimum 3 persons.

Possibility to order private small group tours with personal guide (1-3 persons).

Discover Vilnius - 1- 3 persons. Tour price - 97 € / 335 LT per person.

Discover Trakai - 1- 3 persons. Tour price - 119 € / 410 LT per person.

Discover Europos parkas - 1- 3 persons. Tour price - 123 € / 425 LT per person.

These prices are for English/Russian speaking services.

It is also possible to arrange an excursion (Discover Vilnius) at any other time (in English, German, Russian, Polish, French, Italian, Norwegian or other language). Extra charge.

Additional information and tours highlights:

Vilnius - Bizarre, beautiful and bewitching, Lithuanian’s capital seduces visitors with its astonishing Old Town charm. Its chocolate-box baroque skyline littered with the spires of Orthodox and Catholic churches are intoxicating, decadent and fragile – so much so that Unesco has declared this, Europe’s largest baroque old town, a World Heritage site. But there’s more to this devilishly attractive capital than meets the eye. There is an underlying oddness that creates its soul.

Program: Excursion through ‘little Rome’ – Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. Visiting: Gediminas castle, Cathedral, Vilnius University, one of the oldest Universities in whole northern Europe, Gate of Dawn – catholic sanctum, famous in whole Lithuania and abroad, also honored by other religions.

Trakai island castle. It’s the only water castle in eastern Europe which is in the middle of the lake Galve. The castle of Trakai was one of the ancient Lithuania’s centre of administration and defense which helped to develop a big city around it. You could find a museum inside the castle. Today the city of Trakai is the biggest historical complex in Lithuania.

Program: Užutrakis (the ensemble of the former park estate). Trakai (Castles of the island and peninsula, museum, church) The little town - Karaites, Kenesa.

Europos parkas - The open-air museum exhibits over 90 works created by artists from Armenia, Byelorussia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, the USA and Venezuela.

The goal of the museum is to give an artistic significance to the geographic centre (as determined by the French National Geographic Institute in 1989) of the European continent and to present the best of Lithuanian and international modern art achievements.

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